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Blue Rose Goddess Retreats

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Meet Jen Post

My name Jen Beldy Post ~ Cosmic Goddess Blue Star~  The Awakener. My mission on the Earth is to assist with awakening and activating you to your Souls mission.


In my practice I integrate all of my abilities and studies that will guide you along your path of awakening, ascension and journey back to ONENESS.

Intentional Retreats

Cultivating a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit, often referred to as your Higher Self, God Spark, I AM PRESENSE. etc,

The Blue Rose Retreat signifies the profound impact the divine will have on all who attend, as we tap into the transformative power and teachings that aids the awakening the hearts of humanity. 

These retreats are intended to help you grow and awaken the true power within yourself while you connect to a like-minded community. It is time to embrace your gifts, deepen your connection to your spirituality and create Heaven on Earth.

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Powerful Meditations + Workshops

Unique & Spiritual Excursions

A Loving Community

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