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Awaken Your Inner Power: Blue Rose God/Goddess Retreat


New Paltz : May 17-19, 2024

All Inclusive Retreat

Blue Skies

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, inner alchemy and spiritual awakening at the Blue Rose Retreats of the Awakened Heart!

These immersive retreats, held in the breathtaking locations of New Paltz, NY (May 17-19th, dates coming soon!)  offer a powerful combination of ancient wisdom and modern practices to help you:

  • Reconnect with your divine spark and experience a profound sense of love, peace, and connection.

  • Learn practical tools and techniques to cultivate inner peace, manifest your vision, and create your own "heaven on earth."

  • Deepen your connection with yourself, the Divine, and a like-minded community seeking positive transformation.

Here's a glimpse of the transformative experiences awaiting you:

  • Sacred Ceremonies:

    • God/Goddess Blue Lotus Ceremony: This sacred ritual honors the divine feminine and masculine energies, using the Blue Lotus flower known for its calming and transformative properties.

    • A sacred drum circle honoring Venus & The Blue Rose Temple Initiations: Connect with the rhythm of the Earth and the powerful energy of Venus, while receiving initiations from the Blue Rose lineage.

    • Sacred Blue Rose Soul Light Temple Activations: Awaken your divine potential through powerful energy work that activates the divine blueprint within you.

  • Unforgettable Adventures:

    • An afternoon hike in the stunning landscape, mountains, and waterfalls of Minnewaska Nature Reserve: Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and reconnect with the Earth's healing energy.

    • A short trip to Woodstock for some extra Spring fun! (New Paltz Retreat only): Explore the charming town of Woodstock, known for its artistic spirit and historical significance.

    • Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Visit in Woodstock (New Paltz Retreat only): Find serenity and deepen your understanding of spiritual traditions at this beautiful monastery.

  • Deepening Your Connection:

    • Interactive Discussions and Meditations: Engage in thought-provoking discussions and guided meditations to gain clarity and connect with your inner wisdom.

    • Light Language Activations: Access higher realms of consciousness and activate your light body through the language of light.

    • Healing Exercises: Release stored emotions, limiting beliefs, and past traumas to create space for your authentic self to flourish.

The Blue Rose Lineage: A Path to Wholeness

The Blue Rose lineage, rooted in the teachings of Venus, Melchizedek, the Blessed Mother, and Mary Magdalene, represents the balance of divine energies: love, wisdom, nurturing, and sacred sexuality. Through initiations and practices, you'll open your heart, ignite your soul's truth, and rediscover your authentic self.

Join us on this transformative journey!  To learn more and register for your unforgettable experience contact me at 631-553-3836

Together, let's create heaven on earth, one awakened heart at a time!



These retreats center on a concept similar to the essence of Pentecost: cultivating a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit, often referred to as your Higher Self, God Spark, I AM PRESENSE. etc. On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit empowered the Apostles. This Blue Rose Retreat signifies the profound impact the Holy Spirit will have on all who attend and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

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THE RETREAT HOUSE~ This 200-year-old Victorian Retreat House is elegantly decorated and will transport you back in time while providing you with a comfortable and memorable stay. It is located in between the Shawangunk and Catskill Mountains, minutes away from New Paltz and numerous natural, cultural, and historic wonders. The area is known for its world class hiking trails and stunning mountainous views of numerous waterfalls.

Only one spot left!! Please reach out to me for details, room options and pricing! 

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This will be a sacred 3 day adventure of embodiment and honoring the self as we connect to the power of sisterhood, (add brotherhood) healing, adventure and hiking.

Light Language Healings, Exercises to release stored emotions, Sacred Blue Rose Soul Light Temple Activations

Connecting to the Divine. God/Goddess Blue Lotus Ceremony. A sacred drum circle honoring Venus, hike to waterfall, free time trip to town of Woodstock, Tibetan Buddhist monastery sacred visit.

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