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Awaken your inner magic.


Sedona: October 17-21 2024

Blue Skies

Welcome to the Blue Rose Retreat of the Awakened Heart!

Nestled amidst the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, this transformative retreat invites you to unlock the profound wisdom of the Blue Rose lineage. Embodying the harmonious balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine principles, the Blue Rose represents a state of awakened heart and profound inner peace.  

Our retreat will take place during a powerful Supermoon. In many Eastern cultures, the Supermoon is associated with enlightenment and spiritual growth. The Supermoon is a time for mindfulness and meditation, and is seen as an opportunity to activate and expand. 

This retreat is guided by the wisdom of the High Priest/Priestess Order of Melchizedek, and Energies of Mary Magdalene and Blessed Mother Teachings, and Venus Teachings.


Spiritual Significance: Melchizedek represents a state of heightened spiritual awareness or a lineage of enlightened beings. These are esoteric teachings on inner divinity and living a Christ-like life.

You'll embark on a journey designed to:

Activate the Blue Rose energetics within your own being, fostering a deep wellspring of love, compassion, and inner strength. Open your heart to a profound level through powerful activations, sacred ceremonies, and connection with Sedona's mystical energy vortexes. Anchor the Structure of Holy Light within your vessel, creating a foundation for spiritual growth and transformation.

Energy Vortexes
Blue Skies

Immerse Yourself in Sedona's Energy: Sedona is renowned for its captivating red rock formations and mystical energy vortexes, believed to be conduits for powerful spiritual connections. We'll be venturing to several of these vortexes, each offering unique energetic qualities:


Bell Rock Vortex (Masculine Energy): Enhance your self-confidence, assertiveness, and personal strength through a gentle hike and group meditation focused on activating the Earth Star chakra, grounding you to the earth's energy.


Stupa Peace Park (Positive Energy): Experience a sense of calm and inner peace as we walk the path around the Stupa and participate in a medicine wheel meditation, activating Hopi energies and connecting with Thunder Mountain's electric energy. We'll also visit the Kachina Woman Spire, embodying Divine Female Energy.


The Church of the Holy Cross Vortex (All-Embracing Love): Feel profound love, harmony, and oneness within the sacred space of this chapel nestled amidst stunning red rocks. Enjoy a moment of quiet contemplation or light a candle as you connect with the divine.


Airport Mesa Vortex (Balanced Energy): Experience a harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies during a sunset healing meditation. This vortex promotes clarity, equilibrium, and centeredness.

The Earthstar chakra, located below the soles of the feet, grounds us to the Earth's core energy. It fosters feelings of stability, presence, and a sense of belonging. It's believed to connect us to the collective consciousness and heighten our awareness of our place in the universe.

Additional Experiences: Sedona Wolf Sanctuary: Witness the magic of these revered creatures and tap into the transformative power of wolf medicine during a special visit.


Star Gazing and Cosmic Activations: Immerse yourself in the vastness of the cosmos and connect with universal energies during a stargazing session with cosmic activations on the deck overlooking Thunder Mountain. 


Retreat Inclusions: Round-trip transportation from Phoenix Airport to the retreat house. All transportation within Sedona for scheduled activities. Accommodations at the Blue Rose Retreat House. High-vibrational meals prepared by a vegan chef to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Blue Rose ceremonies and activations facilitated by the High Priest/Priestess.


Hikes and visits to the sacred locations mentioned above. Drum circle activation and other enriching experiences. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to awaken your heart, connect with the power of nature, and embark on a transformative journey guided by the Blue Rose lineage.



Are you ready to experience the magic of Sedona?

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Casa Remuda has welcomed guests from all over the world.  We honor all who come and go, as they are, on their various spiritual paths and we delight in being a part of this individuality.  It is through this recognition of one’s personal journey that makes bringing magical souls together.

Casa Remuda offers a metaphysical setting between Thunder Mountain and Cathedral Rock, a powerful ley line vortex with an amazing open sky view of the entire Mogollon Rim.

One common belief is that energy vortexes exist at the intersection of ley lines of natural energy that make up the planet Earth’s electromagnetic field. Sacred sites are well-known energy vortexes.

The home and heart of Casa Remuda provides a unique opportunity in which we are able to offer solace in a spiritual location where many travelers come to discover their path. 


Unique Once in a Lifetime  Experiences

The Sedona Wolf Sanctuary is a uniquely spiritual sanctuary and attraction that harnesses the power of ancient medicine wheels and wolf magic.


Experience the Healing Power of Ancient Medicine Wheels & Wolf Magic

For centuries, wolves have been revered as spirit animals, highly respected by native cultures, and even feared by many. When it comes to providing direct healing, creating a transformational shift, and tapping into your inner being, nothing comes close to the power of wolf medicine. As a uniquely spiritually-infused wolf sanctuary and non-profit organization that happens to be at a sacred ranch, they have helped countless numbers of people attracted from all over the world with their wolf encounter experiences and spiritual retreats. 

Wolf Experiences

Get ready to directly experience the magic of wolf medicine with an immersive experience in a direct encounter.

The Sanctuary is a place where you can experience the energy and healing properties of a spirit animal on spirit land. Their ancient Medicine Wheel dates from before 1350 AD. I will host a wolf activation meditation on this sacred space. The swirling circular creek surrounding our property creates a very strong energy field that will enhance the overall experience. 

In Native American traditions, the wolf is known as a teacher, a pathfinder who howls, sings, and teaches us how to know ourselves. It represents power, interdependence, harmony, and expanded awareness of oneself and the universe. This retreat offers a unique opportunity to tap into the transformative power of wolf medicine, fostering healing and transformation through accessing higher dimensional energies.xt


This will be a sacred  adventure  to the heart and power of Sedona to awaken, heal, and embrace adventure.

Intuitive Activations

Shadow Work

Ritual Alchemy

Galactic Healing

Angelic Channeling 

Sacred Sound Baths

Cosmic Sound of Creation


Remember the magic that lives within yourself and reclaim your connection to this sacred and energetic land.

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King bedroom with bathroom(single occupancy) $2777

Early Bird discount of $300 Total- $2444.

King bedroom for couples only- $1,888 each 

King/Queen option (single occupancy) no bathroom in room. There are bathrooms in the house for you to use.

 $2555 per person.  Early Bird discount of $200- $2333.

Loft- quaint shared space are that is beautifully sectioned off for privacy. $1888 per person.  Early Bird discount of $111- $1777

There are shared bed options with discounted incentives.

-King bedroom with bathroom-$2222 per person. Early Bird discount of $200- $2022.

-King bedroom with shared bathroom in house- $2000 each.  Early Bird discount of $200- $1800.

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