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Meet The Host-
Your Guide to Awakening

Rev. Jen Beldy Post (Cosmic Goddess BlueStar), Spiritual Guide is a renowned spiritual guide on a mission to awaken humanity's potential. She empowers individuals to discover their unique divinity and co-create a world rooted in love, light, and empowerment.

A Bridge to Higher Consciousness and Awakening Your Highest Self:

Rev. Jen's expertise spans multiple dimensions. As a multidimensional guide, she draws upon her knowledge of the 14 dimensions and her connection with the higher being, Highlight of Alakali, to guide you on your spiritual journey. Through the teachings of The Highlight of Alakali, she utilizes the language of light for deeper consciousness exploration and activations. She offers insights into your galactic connections and soul origins, helping you understand your place in the universe. As a Dimensional Healer, she recognizes the multidimensional aspects of human existence and works with energy beyond the physical realm.

Rev. Jen offers a variety of modalities to empower your spiritual growth. A Reiki Master Teacher and IET Angelic DNA Teacher, she utilizes energy healing to promote well-being. As a Spiritual Counselor, she provides guidance and support as you navigate your path. Through Akashic Record readings, she channels information to reveal your Soul Plan Blueprint Chart, offering insights into your challenges, talents, and goals. This guidance empowers you to live a life aligned with your divine purpose.

Unveiling Your Potential:

Rev. Jen is also a Past Life Regression Therapist, helping you explore past lives for insight and healing. As a Psychic Medium and Channel, she connects with the spirit world and higher beings, offering messages for growth and understanding.

Benefits of Working with Rev. Jen:

  • Awaken and deepen your psychic abilities.

  • Raise your vibration and potential, allowing you to tap into your full power.

  • Integrate your Higher Self so you live an empowered life, aligned with your authentic essence.

  • Embrace Oneness and connect with the interconnectedness of all things.

  • Become a bridge to higher dimensions, expanding your awareness beyond the physical realm.


In her practice and teachings, she will help you to know the brilliance of your own light. Rev. Jen understands that we are all on this magical journey of soul healing and expansion. Her own transformative experiences, including near-death encounters, have instilled in her a deep understanding of the true essence of existence: that we are all creations of the divine source. This profound wisdom informs her guidance and compassionately fuels her mission to empower others to awaken their own inner light.

Drawing on her lineage with The Order of the Blue Rose, Rev. Jen incorporates advanced knowledge of the heart energies into her teachings. These powerful methods aid in awakening humanity through cultivating love, compassion, and connection. She also emphasizes the teachings of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, reminding us of our interconnectedness and shared purpose.

Rev. Jen works with the Blue Ray of God's will, which embodies the frequencies of Venus (love and harmony), Christ (unconditional love and forgiveness), Blessed Mother (compassion and nurturing), Melchizedek (priesthood and kingship of spirit), and Mary Magdalene (divine feminine and sacred sexuality). By integrating these powerful energies into your spiritual journey, you can cultivate a life filled with love, light, and service to humanity.

Overall, Rev. Jen's work integrates all her skills and knowledge to help you ground high-frequency energies into your being, ascend and journey back to the state of Oneness, and live a life centered in love and abundance, fulfilling your birthright. By guiding you along your path of awakening, Rev. Jen empowers you to co-create a new world built on love, light, and the liberation of humanity's potential.


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